Showed Me a New Way of Being

Corey showed me a new way of being, a new way of viewing, and a new way of not only surviving, but growing and prospering.  Life during those years threw me some very significant challenges.  Challenges that brought me not just to my knees, but lying flat on the ground, face down, with no desire to try to get back up. With Corey’s loving support, he allowed me to wallow, not forcing me up, but rather quietly helping me to view the heartbreak, the never ending questions of “Why”, “How” and “What if” from a different perspective.  He assisted me in clearing my thoughts and gaining new insight into the gifts and knowledge that I had been given, rather than focusing on all that I had lost […] During my dark moments, it is Corey’s words, support and love that are often a driving force for me. Corey has been a blessing in my life, brought into my existence at exactly the right time, so that I had the opportunity to blossom, grow and then prepare for what was coming.  I value him as a person, the keeper of knowledge and more importantly – my friend.

Shelley D

Knew the Right Questions

You held space for me to explore my future and knew the right questions to ask in order for my soul to speak its truth.

Kim M

Changed My Life

The time I shared with Corey holds an incredibly special place within my heart. Actually, I can say with certainty it changed my life! Corey has a gift. Through his presence and willingness to step outside of societal norms and serve people's highest potential, he can see through the walls we may carry unconsciously. In my experience, Corey enquires into the places that are hidden from one's awareness and gently guides you towards a new and possible expanded perspective. I will never forget sitting across from him, over a beautiful meal, and having a true "moment of clarity" or "ah ha" experience. He humbly witnessed and supported this small yet powerful transformation. He so creatively teased out the insight from behind the doors of judgments, stories, fears, and beliefs so I could observe a new vantage point. I am forever grateful for this man's true tenacity, bright spirit and real courage in walking his own unique path of truth while inspiring others to do the same!

Melody W

Soul Purpose Igniter

I am humbly grateful for […] Corey's sincerity and most of all the nudge I received on a higher plane. A name that comes to mind when I think of him is: Soul Purpose Igniter.

Christina G

Enriched by His Mere Presence

Corey is an inspiration... Is a genius... Is wise in life experiences beyond his years... Is passionate... Is a defender of righteousness ... Is the most logical person I have ever met.... And to those that truly know him, the embodiment of love. I count myself extremely fortunate to have had Corey in my life... […] This addresses Corey's questions of "who" and "what"... But, "why"??.... I also know of no one that has not been enriched by his mere presence, caring, sharing, and wise countenances. Should you take his challenge, prepare yourself to be outside of your comfort zone.... But also prepare yourself for a wonderful journey of introspection, and self-fulfillment.

Dr. Richard S

Made Me Feel Understood and Accepted

Corey is a great listener; he supported me at a time when I was confused and emotionally hurt. He gave both a safe space to talk and objective perspective of things. Corey is genuinely interested in people and in doing well for them. In my personal experience, he was respectful of my process and what I was going through without putting labels or trying to fix me or change anything. And that combination made me feel understood and accepted. It was compassionate and healing. I would recommend anyone to experience his consulting as he is a smart, honest guy and easy to get along with.

Ana F

Better and More Appreciative Person

When I wake up every morning I think of all the things in my life that I am grateful for, and today and every day I am grateful for Corey's friendship. I am so blessed that he came into my life and I am a much better and more appreciative person for having met him.

Chrissy G

Unique and Thoughtful Perspective

Knowing Corey has been a source of joy in my life. I've never met anyone as adaptable and relatable. He is also remarkably intelligent and insightful: I can always count on Corey to offer a unique and thoughtful perspective. He is an inspired poet, an adventurous traveler, and a loyal friend. Corey prides himself on total honesty, and I think that virtue is reflected in everything he does. If Corey makes a promise to me, I have faith that he will follow through.

Jenna F

I'm a Much Happier Person

You helped me so much […] I'm a much happier person. I enjoy all the things I'm doing way more and I realize I'm smiling the whole time. I don't know what it is but I feel good!! And you really had a part in it.

Loes V

Finding the Answer Within Myself

Corey has this intuition about him [...]  He would not tell me how to fix things, rather, he'd convince me that I was capable of finding the answer within myself.  He's taught me so much about being confident, open-minded and living in the moment. Corey has never judged or criticized, even if he didn't agree with a decision I had made.  Instead, he would make the time to listen and actually HEAR what I had to say.  Just being in his presence was often enough to help me feel secure, loved and hopeful. [...] There is no one I have more respect and gratitude for than Corey.

Becca D

Invaluable Thought Partner

In the 10 years I've known Corey, a few things have remained consistent: he's always been authentic, he’s always been transparent, and he's always been uniquely gifted at "manifesting" whatever his heart truly desires. Leading by example, he's shown me firsthand what is possible when you align mind, heart and tangible action to achieve your goals. With his unique perspective on life, love and career he has always offered me a refreshing alternative to the traditional way of thinking - something I have tried to embody in my work. To this day he continues to be an invaluable thought partner on tough topics.

Yohan M

Increase in Self-Awareness

In a good way, Corey is unlike anyone I have come to know.  He is perceptive, and in a supportive, non-judgmental way can help you to self-evaluate various aspects of your life and achieve positive change. I had been working in a negative work environment for some time and had talked many times of leaving.  I cannot recall any specific communication I had with Corey in this regard however am certain that my interaction with him helped me to make a positive change.  I am now working with a new partner and have not for a moment regretted leaving my prior situation. This is just one example of an increase in self-awareness I feel I gained from my interaction with Corey.  I encourage you let him into your life.

Jodie G

Honesty is Unparalleled and Needed

When I am around you, I feel inspired. You remind me to live in the moment. Your energy is infectious and you have this ability to tell a story that everyone wants to hear. When you believe something as strongly as you do, it is impossible not to believe it as well. You have this ability to show me many more sides of a situation that I didn't see, and your honesty is unparalleled and needed.

Jill F

Causing Ripple Effects

Corey is a rock. Sometimes he's the rock in your shoe that is annoying as hell, but ultimately forces you to confront something concealed within. Other times he's the rock that drops into the pond, causing ripple effects long after he's left sight. Corey is an absolute gem stone. He is the type of person that graces your life for however long, and leaves a bold impact, by virtue of his whimsical, peculiar and daft nature. If I could attach one word to the work he does, it would be 'insight'. Corey entered my life during a difficult phase in the journey, and allowed me to talk, to listen, to share, and ultimately to be enlightened by the insights I was able to make. I will remember Corey forever. May you be blessed by his light!

Lee F

I Feel Energetic and Motivated

Corey puts everything he's got into whatever he is doing.  His love of love is contagious. Corey cares for and responds to people.  Corey builds connections and people are drawn to him.  He is inspiring.  He makes you want to do more, be more and grow more.  I feel energetic and motivated when talking with Corey.  He is an inspiration.  I hope you will have the privilege to spend time with Corey.  It is an experience you will cherish and always remember the impact it had on your life.

Nancy N

Non-Judgmental Presence

Corey has a warm and non-judgmental presence. His ability to listen and ask thought-provoking questions promotes the type of self-reflexivity that is useful for establishing self-awareness and self-confidence.

Kayla G

All Humankind Should Value

Corey Woodley’s inspiration in my life was that he did not take life too seriously, he lived and worked in joy, never letting his ethics or standards be shifted by his employers, friends or family. Rather he sought to live fully, love completely, and bless others in generosity. These are all traits that I believe are good and that all humankind should value.

Matt V

Approach is Completely Refreshing

Corey dedicates himself to what gives his life meaning and purpose and spreads this with not only his knowledge, but with his energy. He is one of those people who walked into my life by chance very briefly but has left a memorable impact in how I now make connections, and to leave the door wide open to embrace new opportunities - a door that I couldn't see for myself, had completely closed. He continually strives to better himself and the people he connects with by engaging in open, mutually-beneficial ways. He invests time and energy not in what is, but what can be, and he openly embraces critique. I would recommend anyone who needs a guiding light to reach out to Corey; his approach is completely refreshing and unique.

Stephanie H

Guidance has Shifted Me

Finding clarity is Corey's strength. His perspective is non-judgmental and simplistic. In times when everything seems to be bubbling up, his guidance has shifted me into a more positive outlook.

Lindsey F

Surrendering into the Deeper Truths

I knew several things about Corey right away: that he was generous and compassionate; and that he was a true, spiritual warrior, primarily concerned with surrendering into the deeper truths rather than fitting comfortably within the matrix of consensus reality. Since then, my respect for Corey has only grown. [...] I consider Corey a friend and a kindred spirit – a member of the same soul tribe – on a deeply committed and focused path of service at this crucial time in human evolution.

Dr. Tara F

Excellent Insights

His zest for life, and caring for those around him, demonstrates some of the best characteristics of humankind. He does not claim to “know it all”, but has excellent insights to most of the matters we have ever discussed, since he focuses more on the underlying questions and answers that are more material to life in general, than merely focusing on the transactional discussion that may have started our conversation.
Warm in intention, ethereal in spirit, and honestly caring of friends and neighbours as one could ever want, Corey is greater the sum of all of his parts.

Jeffrey J

Challenge the Way You Think

During my interactions with Corey, the most important thing he taught me was that relationships make the world go round. Whether you're looking to enhance your professional connections or improve your personal relationships, he stressed the importance of:
- being genuinely interested in whoever you're interacting with
- being in the moment (i.e. drop the screens!),  and
- being yourself, unapologetically
Corey is the kind of person that will challenge the way you think - he'll push your boundaries in the best ways possible.

Andrea L

Breath of Fresh Air

The things that immediately strike one in meeting Corey are his energy, his extreme interest in the world around him, and his desire to make it a better place. He was a breath of fresh air in an industry that was driven solely by commercial values. Thank you Corey for having allowed us the pleasure of your insights and your teachings.

Isabel B

My Heart is Bigger

Thank you for creating the space so that I could slow down. And laugh. Thank you for everything you shared. Each story. Opening your heart. Your gift was abundant. Undoubtedly, quite abundant. […] My heart is bigger.

Jenny F

Wise for His Years

Corey is someone whom I did not need to know for a long time to gain a respect for.  Not only is he honest, encouraging and considerate, but also is wise for his years.  No one who knows him would disagree that he sees his surroundings from a unique perspective.  I would value having Corey’s opinion on almost any subject, though I am sure he could provide interesting conversation on those he knows little about.  When I took over the ownership of some business partner relationships that Corey had either been forming and/or developing for our company, his dedication and professionalism were evident in the partner loyalty and how much they missed him.

Mike T

Opportunity to Honestly Look at Myself

Your words were a great reflection for me. It gave me an opportunity to honestly look at myself and particularly my relationship with men […] Bless you and your courage.

Nicole W

Ultimate Team Player

Our story began around 2009, as I was to be a mentor for this younger colleague who was coming to Victoria, BC to build relationships in the business world. [...] I would say that I learned more from my interactions with him than he did from me. Corey is the ultimate team player, a great storyteller and a good listener. [...] If I had to describe what makes Corey somewhat unique and refreshing it’s that where most people his age who have high motivation and skills follow a defined career path, Corey discovered there is often more joy in pursuing less than can be found in pursuing more. He has found that possessions don’t equal joy and that life is far too valuable to waste chasing them. He knows that we only get one shot at it and that time goes by quickly and once we use it up, we can’t get it back.

Rob T

Bringing Out the Goodness in Others

The moments I have shared with Corey have been full of smiles, laughter and ease. He is an incredibly positive being who truly gives unconditionally and loves connecting with people.  He has a natural gift of bringing out the goodness in others. [...] It has been a treat to meet and to know Corey.  Giving, always giving and willing to offer a helping hand in whatever shape or form to bring more happiness and ease to others.

Breanne G

Urge To Serve

Playful and loquacious he is one you can't help but love and admire. Traipsing new territory with adventure and melody, he bravely hopped out of his home zone and discovered he's never alone. He's generous and kind, a spirit like his is hard to find. With an urge to serve regardless of how much you swerve, he'll walk with you to the edge of a world no matter how far you are hurled. His feet sturdy your ground and his heart frees you, unbound. Not a stranger to dark times, take comfort in his voice and follow his rhymes. An old soul at his core, his eyes reflect his light, listen to his lore, for his promise is your light.

Madhvi A

Solving Problems

If you’re looking for someone committed to solving problems look no further.  Corey has a proven track record of owning issues and working them through to successful outcomes.  I’ve always been able to count on Corey.

James W

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